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Patriots Holding On To 17-15 Lead After 3 Qtrs In Super Bowl

With the next Super Bowl champions to be known in the next hour, the New England Patriots pulled ahead, only to have the New York Giants hit a couple of field goals as New England holds to a two point lead after three quarters in Super Bowl XLVI.

After the halftime show, when Madonna performed withe likes of LMFAO and Celo Green, Tom Brady led the Patriots to a opening drive of eight plays and 79 yard, ending in a 12-yard Aaron Hernandez touchdown reception. Tha put New England ahead 17-9.

The Giants were unable to put the ball in the endzone during the quarter, but they did put together a 10-play drive and a nine-play drive that ended in Lawrence Tynes field goals.

The game continued to have quarterback dominance without the high score. Between Tom Brady and Eli Manning, they had thrown 52 passes in three quarters. There had been only 11 incompletions.

The final quarter is surely to be a good done. The Giants have been money late in games and the New England defense is not known for being particularly stout. We likely can expect a game that goes down to the wire.