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Super Bowl 2012: Patriots Control Second Quarter, Take Halftime Lead

The New York Giants defensive effectively shut down the New England Patriots' vaunted offense for most of the first half of Super Bowl XLVI.

Then came the last four minutes of the second quarter, when the Patriots and Tom Brady methodically worked the ball down the field and Brady hit Danny Woodhead for a 4-yard touchdown pass with eight second left until halftime.

The drive tied for the longest scoring drive in Super Bowl history and gave the Pats a 10-9 lead. Which they'll take given the way the Giants defense has played so far.

Hobbled tight end Rob Gronkowski from Arizona made his first catch with a little less than three minutes to play in the second half and the Patriots needed until their final drive of the first half to get their offense into good rhythm.

That said, this game is far from over. Both teams are playing a ball-control, patient offense and trying to take what the other team's defense i

Now it's Madonna time. Here's hoping she sings "Holiday."

This game is anything but. Looks like we're headed for a close one. The Patriots are largely unable to run the ball while the Giants keep grounding and pounding so something's got to give.

The Giants lost tight end Travis Beckhum to a torn ACL early in the quarter. New York has other options at the position but Beckhum at least kept the Patriots defense more honest.

New York scored the only points of the second quarter, a field goal by Stephen Gostkowski and the touchdown. At some point the Giants might be due for a big play the way they've softened the Patriots' secondary. But the Patriots' offensive line is giving Brady ample protection against a formidable pass rush.

The key for New England will be to continue to keep the Giants offense off the field as much as possible.