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Super Bowl 2012: Tom Brady Safety, Victor Cruz TD Give Giants a 9-0 Lead After 1 Qtr

After a bunch of hype, a good Kelly Clarkson national anthem rendition and a few not so funny commercials, the Super Bowl finally began. When the game finally began, the important stuff began -- football. The Patriots won the coin toss and deferred. It was the first time in 15 years that he AFC won the coin toss.

When the game began, New York drove the ball past midfield and punted, pinning New England back inside their own ten.

That is where the first surprise of the game happened.

Tom Brady dropped back to pass and threw the ball deep without a receiver in the area when he was pressures by Justin Tuck. After one play by the Patriots and there was a 2-0 Giants lead, as Brady was called for intentional grounding in the endzone.

On the ensuing drive, New York drove down the field and Eli Manning found Victor Cruz for a touchdown. Just before that, it appeared that Cruz had lost the ball on a fumble, but New England was called for 12 men on the field and the fumble was nullified.

After one quarter, the Giants had the lead 9-0. Eli Manning was 9-9 for 77 yards.