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Super Bowl 2012 Injury Update: Rob Gronkowski Listed As Questionable, Continues To Practice

Rob Gronkowski was a star at the University of Arizona before continuing his football career with the New England Patriots. All eyes have been on the All-Pro tight end this week as he attempts to recover from a high ankle spain, and it appears like Gronkowski will indeed play in the Super Bowl, barring any unforeseen setbacks in the next 24 hours or so.

While he played under Mike Stoops and a different coaching staff at the UA, Gronk playing in the biggest sporting event of the year while repping the Wildcats can only be good for our national exposure. Assuming his ankle is at least somewhat healthy -- and, honestly, his adrenaline should take care of most of it -- he will undoubtably have a huge impact on the Super Bowl.

Stay tuned for any further updates with Gronk, but it sure sounds like he'll be ready to start come Sunday evening. Bear Down.