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2012 NFL Combine: Brock Osweiler Does No Drills, But Impresses In Media Interview

While teammate at Arizona State Vontae Burfict was busy placing blame everywhere regarding his play and reputation, quarterback Brock Osweiler was doing a good job of selling himself as a QB at the next level at the NFL Combine. He did not participate in any throwing drills or other physical tests, citing he is just now recovered from an injury. He will do them at his Pro Day in March.

But his media interviews were great.

On leaving ASU with only 15 starts at QB:

"I felt I had I had done everything I could in my time at ASU. I had absolutely no regrets in my three years. I gave everything I had every single day to our football program, and I just felt like I was at a time and a place where I was ready to take my game to the next level and take on new challenges."

On why he is ready to play in the NFL:"On Friday night in the hotel, I would go over the game plan with our entire team. I would take the play-call sheet and go through each play as the coaches sat back and monitored the situation.

"Saturday mornings before we got on the bus, I would run a quick film session, putting up coverages of the defense so our guys could see what they were about to go into. That's a lot of the things I added when I became quarterback and brought to Arizona State."

On his his height:

"I guess our height measurements at ASU are off a little bit. But, shoot, I think 6-6 is still an OK height to play quarterback. We're an eighth of an inch off so I'm going to round up and say I'm 6-7."

"I don't feel like there has ever been a quarterback who is 6-7, 240 pounds and has the athleticism I do and can make every throw on the football field. So I ignored all those comparisons and played football the way I was taught to."

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