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Ryan Bader defeats Rampage Jackson By Unanimous Decision

Former Arizona State wrestler Ryan Bader defeated Quinton "Rampage" Jackson by unanimous decision on Saturday night in Japan. Bader won 30-27 on all three judges scorecards.

Bader (15-2) came out and dominated the fight from the very beginning. Bader was more active in the first round landed punches and knees on Jackson. Rampage was not very active at all in the first round, and barely threw a punch.

In the second round, Bader used his superior ground skills to dominate Jackson. Bader forced Jackson up against the cage and landed knees and punches to the body of Jackson. Bader then tossed Jackson to the ground and used his knees to inflict damage the body of the former light heavyweight champion.

The third round was much of the same as Bader got the takedown with over three minutes left and kept Jackson there for the entire round. Bader was very active on the ground, damaging the head and body of Jackson with vicious strikes.

Jackson looked gassed in the third round and when the final bell sounded, Jackson laid on the canvas in defeat. Jackson said he had been injured in training camp, which caused him to miss weight. It is not clear weather the injury to Jackson had an impact on the fight. This is the biggest victory in Bader's MMA career.