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2012 NFL Combine: Two Offensive Linemen Proclaim They Are Best OT

With the NFL Combine going on, draft prospects want to separate themselves from the rest. Such was the case on Thursday when the offensive linemen prospects spoke to the media and were measured. More than one declared himself the best tackle in the draft.

Oddly enough, the two guys that said it were also rivals in college.

Matt Kalil, an OT from USC, and also considered by most draft experts as the best lineman in the draft, said simply, "I am the best tackle in the draft."

Not everyone agreed. Fellow Pac-12 lineman, Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford told the press on Thursday that he is the best tackle in the draft.

Obviously only one can be the best, even if they both think they are.

But in the end, you want a guy on your team that believes in himself. He shouldn't believe in himself to the point that he stops working hard, but you want a little swagger, especially from the guy that is going to protect the team's QB. You want them confident and even a little edgy.

Of course, you also want them to be good. We'll see if both can at least do that.

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