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2012 NFL Combine: 3 Arizona Wildcats Try To Improve Draft Status

With the NFL Combine currently going on in Indianapolis, we look at the Arizona Wildcats that have been invited and will be hopeful of a phone call in late April saying that they have been drafted by an NFL team. Cross-state rival Arizona State has six players in Indy for the Combine and Arizona has only three, but as of now, it looks almost certain that all three of the Wildcats will get drafted and do so either the first or second day of the NFL Draft.

Those three players are:

Foles, after looking terrible in practice leading up to the Senior Bowl, looked pretty good in the actual game. He is considered one of the top five or so QB prospects in the draft.

Criner is expected to be one of the first five receivers drafted. He has the size and athleticism, but there are some concerns with the mental part of the game in route-running and engagement in games.

Wade could be taken as early as the second round.