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Super Bowl 2012: What To Expect From Super Bowl Commercials

As the Super Bowl tends to be perhaps the single most important TV event over the course of a year, advertisers know this have traditionally made it the launchpad for new ad campaigns. In fact, for some, the game itself is secondary to seeing what new commercials there will be. With the Giants and the Patriots battling for the football title of the world, what can we expect to see in the way of Super Bowl ads?

As always, we can expect Budweiser to be heavily involved. They will be the exclusive beer advertiser of the game for the 24th straight season.

They will air six new ad spots that total four and a half minutes of new material.

They will begin promoting a new line called "Platinum".

Things to watch for in the Bud commercials? You will see the Clydesdales in one ad and a dog will be featured in another. There is one that is called "Cannonball" and an unconventional office shown,

Will the ads be funny? That's what most people care about.

Regardless of the intent of the ads, they are meant to get you to think of their brand. We won't know until after the fact if it was a successful campaign. Until then, most will simply hope for something funny.

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