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SI Swimsuit Issue 2012: Natalie Gulbis Featured In Body Paint

Long before she became really famous for many things, Natalie Gulbis was once an Arizona Wildcat. Arizona had just been coming off a national championship in women's golf, and Gulbis signed up after outplaying everyone in high school, including the boys. Gulbis was a WIldcat at age 16, and spent a year there, earning First Team All-American status. Gulbis then moved onto the LPGA Tour, where she had great success overall, peaking in 2005 with a bunch of top 10 finishes.

Gulbis has always done fairly well on tour, and she's just as well known for her good looks. Now Natalie has appeared on the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in body paint with other big-time athletes Gulbis was featured along with Natalie Coughlin and Alex Morgan in body paint.

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