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Even Steve Nash Caught Up In Jeremy Lin Mania

On ESPN's Friday nigh televised game, viewers were treated to another dose of Jeremy Lin mania. With the Los Angeles Lakers playing the New York Knicks. Lin had 38 points and seven assists and was a spectacle of sorts. People who watch basketball and those who do not all have been captivated by his incredible play at the start of his career.

The truth is that he has accomplished something never done before. Since the NBA/ABA merger, per ESPN Stats and Information, "Jeremy Lin has 89 points thru his first 3 starts, most pts by ANY NBA PLAYER in his 1st 3 starts." He also is the only player other than LeBron James to have four straight games of 20 points, five assists and shoot better than 50 percent from the field.

It even has gotten the attention of Phoenix Suns All-Star point guard Steve Nash, who tweeted this:

If you love sports you have to love what Jeremy Lin is doing. Getting an opportunity and exploding!!
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"Lin-sanity" is catching on everywhere. Who knows if it will continue, but at least for now we have to let this thing ride itself out. He is getting the job done and catching the eyes of the world.

When you get the attention of a guy like Nash, you know it is something good.