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Suns vs. Mavs: Lineup tweak may be coming, taking last shots, Gentry's perspective on "Satisfaction guaranteed!"

The Phoenix Suns returned home after a six-game road trip to face the Dallas Mavericks, and it was the famed "Satisfaction guaranteed" promotion. Alvin Gentry talked to the media about a few things. He was asked about the starting lineup and how it performed on the road trip.

Gentry responded, saying he has been "somewhat happy" with it.

"We still may have to tweak it a bit more," said the head coach. "We'll kind of meet on that and talk about it, but there is a chance that we're not completely done as far as changing the lineup."

With Jermaine O'Neal taking the potentially winning shot against Memphis, reporters asked about a go-to guy down the stretch. Gentry said that not having a star like LeBron James makes things "extremely" more difficult, but did so almost mockingly, being that it obviously is harder not having a guy like LeBron.

But his philosophy has not changed. "I think in this case, our go-to guy will be the guy that's going good that night," he said. "It does happen on other teams, but I don't say that night in and night out, 'OK, this is our guy.'"

As for the promotion for the fans guaranteeing their satisfaction, Gentry was asked about whether anything was brought up to the players about it.

"There hasn't been one person that said one thing," responded Gentry. "I think they realize that when we step out there, we play like it's a money back guarantee...So this promotion, it's no big deal. It doesn't change anything."