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MLB trade rumors: D-backs, White Sox have talked about Jason Kubel, Alexei Ramirez

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After signing Cody Ross to a three-year deal, the Diamondbacks may be kicking the tires on trading Jason Kubel to the Chicago White Sox.

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Diamondbacks have a logjam in the outfield. After signing Cody Ross to a three-year, $26 million contract, the Diamondbacks have been rumored to be willing to deal Jason Kubel and the Chicago White Sox have been rumored to be interested:

Kubel had 128 hits on 506 at bats in the 2012 season for an average of .253 and 75 runs. He has a career average of .268 after playing the majority of his eight-year career in Minnesota.

The guys over at South Side Sox are all in favor of a trade to bring Kubel back to the Midwest:

The main reason for saying "yes" to a Jason Kubel trade is a simple one. You don't say no to a guy who can hit 30 home runs and post an OPS of .800.

The Diamondbacks may be interested in short stop Alexei Ramirez, who has played his entire five-season career in Chicago. He has a .276 career average and has scored 359 runs on 776 hits, and would help to shore up the Diamondbacks' infield.

As of right now, it's just a rumor, but if the Diamondbacks decide to pull the trigger and deal Kubel, it seems likely that they will send him to Chicago.