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Oregon Fiesta Bowl uniforms 2013: Ducks to don yellow helmet

The Oregon Ducks will have yet another new look as they unveil a new helmet and uniform for next week's Fiesta Bowl match up against the Kansas St. Wildcats.


The Oregon Ducks are known for their dozens of color combinations for their uniforms and several different helmet options. It's always interesting to see what they're going to wear, especially for a nationally televised game. The 2013 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl will be no different. Mike Grose of the Bertrand Berry Show on Phoenix's The Fan 1060 AM tweeted out a piece of Oregon's Fiesta Bowl gear.

The helmets are mostly yellow with reflective silver wings streaking across the side, a change from the all silver helmets they've worn several times this season. The rest of the uniform is even more interesting than the helmet. Here's what Jason Kirk had to say about the Ducks Fiesta Bowl uniforms.

We've yet to see what gadgetry their helmets employ, but the jerseys have some kind of 1992 Pacific Prism technology going on, causing them to change colors at will and depending on whether you're looking at them or not, like quantum physics.

Kirk also noted that the Kansas State Wildcats' jerseys are, in fact, purple.