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Fiesta Bowl 2013: Oregon Ducks get new helmets

The Oregon Ducks will be using their yellow and silver winged helmets against the Kansas State Wildcats in the 2013 Fiesta Bowl.

Steve Dykes

The 2013 Fiesta Bowl features two great teams in the Oregon Ducks and the Kansas State Wildcats. Oregon ended up finishing second in the Pac-12 North and earned a BCS at-large bid after finishing fourth overall; Kansas State earned the Big 12 BCS bid after winning the conference.

If you're not aware, the Fiesta Bowl is sponsored by Tostitos, a company known for its delicious selection of tortilla chips. Oregon running back De'Anthony Thomas broke some important news: All the players get free chips and salsa all week long!

There's also some important style updates. The Ducks have revealed their latest helmet get-ups. We've got the yellow-types this week with the shiny grey wings.

Additionally, if you weren't aware, Oregon will be debuting these uniforms at the Fiesta Bowl which will change color depending on which angle at which you view the uniforms. Pretty important stuff here so far from the 2013 Fiesta Bowl.