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Fiesta Bowl 2013: Oregon Ducks have already arrived to the Valley

Apparently Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is a believer of that whole early-bird-catches-the-worm thing.

Thearon W. Henderson

Although the Fiesta Bowl isn't until Jan. 3, the Oregon Ducks arrived to the Valley over a week early to prepare for their battle against the Kansas State Wildcats.

Here's head coach Chip Kelly's philosophy on why he decided to fly his team in advance:

"Because we gave them such a break at Christmas, we felt like this was what we had to do, because we weren't going to fly everybody back to Eugene and then relocate for a day and then come back ... I thought it was really important for our guys to get home for an extended period of time because we've had them since August 6."

What a kind soul, right? Anyway, Kelly went on to share that the Ducks are "pretty consistent" preparation-wise considering this is Oregon's fourth BCS game under his tenure. Basically, he explained that the game plan has already been implemented so this time is simply for "refining it."

Kelly added that he doesn't anticipate his team having any "rust" even with the brief layoff. He also made it quite clear that his team doesn't take BCS games for granted at this point with his team having a "youthful enthusiasm" toward every game.

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