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Marcin Gortat at top of Phoenix Suns player power rankings

The center has had had an up and down season, but he was the best player for last week.


The Phoenix Suns are not playing particularly well on the season, but the fans still stand behind their team over at Bright Side of the Sun. Each week, they rank the players on the roster. This week, in the weekly player power rankings, the top three are rounded out by center Marcin Gortat, swingman Jared Dudley and point guard Goran Dragic.

This was written about the Polish center:

Gortat seems to be climbing back out of his funk now after having an even better week than his last. This week he averaged a double-double for the first time in over a month, and actually played well defensively also. His very solid stats speak for themselves, but what really earned the top spot in this week's rankings for the Polish Machine was his overall consistency.

Who found himself at the bottom of the list? That would be Michael Beasley, who has struggled to make an impact on the team or the fans in a positive manner.