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Texas Rangers having great talks with D-backs about Justin Upton

The Upton rumors just don't die

Christian Petersen

In this MLB offseason, the Arizona Diamondbacks have been busy making deals and having deals rumored. Justin Upton has been the main topic of conversation, but despite all the rumors, nothing has happened. Once baseball's winter meetings closed and no deal happened, it looked like things would die down.

However, with the recent signing of veteran outfielder Cody Ross, the Arizona Diamondbacks once again have a surplus of outfielders, which means that Upton's name has come up again. Although Jason Kubel seems to be the one that is believed to be shopped, the connection between Upton and the Texas Rangers continues.

Tweeted Jim Bowden, from ESPN

So the Upton rumors continue. It is clear Texas wants him. They just have not been willing to give up what it would take for Arizona to let him go.