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PJ Tucker not thrilled to be on recent ESPN list

Tucker has been on the nightly highlight show for all the wrong reasons lately.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Not a whole lot has gone right for the Phoenix Suns this season. After a slow start out of the gate, they fell behind just about everyone in a deep Western Conference. The Suns have been playing a bit better in recent weeks, although they've still got some work to do.

P.J. Tucker has not played a huge role with this team, and it seems he's been making the highlight reels for all the wrong reasons. On Friday, as ESPN released their hilarious Not Top 10 Plays list, Tucker made the cut for the third-straight week. The first time came from a missed dunk attempt, while the second was when The Gorilla scared him while jumping out of a trash can.

As this article from Greg Esposito of details, Tucker isn't too happy about being included again.

Today's appearance is suspect at best as the forward ran to the sidelines to try and save a ball and in the process ran into coach Alvin Gentry. Regardless of what the ESPN editors thought, Tucker thinks the play was just his calling card, good old hustling.

"Everybody is on me," he said with a smile. "I can't get a break. These guys are on me every day. Something new. I saw the free ball and I went for it. There's nothing else to be said about it."

It may be a bit embarrassing for the 27-year-old forward, but he seems to go along with (most of) it pretty well. Tucker will look to avoid any more blooper-reel moments as the Suns battle the Trail Blazers and Clippers over the weekend.