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Phoenix Suns struggling with attendance

A lack of star power and a mediocre record has caused attendance to drop at US Airways Center.

Christian Petersen

The last few years have not been kind to Phoenix Suns fans, which is showing in the team's sharp drop off in attendance.

An article written by the Dave King over at Bright Side of the Sun explores why attendance has fallen to one of the lowest rates in the history of the the US Airways Center.

One reason that the Suns have dropped to 24th in NBA attendance, King explains, could be the lack of stars on the team.

The team lacks a supernova star to attract fans just on the chance to watch him play live. Michael Jordan once said that Steve Nash was one of the few NBA players he would pay to watch take the court. The Suns don't have anyone like Steve Nash.

Another explanation for the early attendance woes could be the stranglehold that the NFL and college football has on sports fans across the country. The team expects to have a rebound in attendance once those seasons end.

In the meantime, the Suns ticket department has been at work coming up with creative ways to familiarize fans with the new-look Suns. One promotion included a Satisfaction Guaranteed Night where the team would refund the money of any fan not completely happy with their experience during a home game.