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Arizona Cardinals as least it is something

Cheering for a spoiling win is better than hoping for losses.


When the Arizona Cardinals play the Chicago Bears on Sunday, they can possibly eliminate the Bears from the playoff race. Chicago started 7-1 and now sits a 8-6. Arizona started 4-0 and is now 5-9. Arizona is not in playoff contention. They can, though, play the role of spoiler.

A win by the Vikings and a Cardinals win over the Bears would knock them out completely of the playoff race.

This is something Cardinals fans should cheer. Our fans have already suffered enough. Misery loves company, so we should naturally want to see Bears fans suffer.

There are some who will argue that every loss is better for the Cardinals, that whatever meaningless wins they get now,it only hurts long term. However, the flaw in that is that when you lose, it is hard to get back on that horse. '

That being said, cheering no for a win. If you really want the Cardinals lose, don't tun on the game.

Spoilers, here we come. The Cards should give us that, at least.