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Patrick Peterson believes he is best cornerback in the league

The Cardinals second-year stud is making headlines with a couple of recent comments.


Patrick Peterson has never been one to back away from the spotlight. Following another strong season in 2012, the second-year cornerback (and punt returner) has a high opinion of himself on the football field.

Here is what Peterson had to say in a recent Associated Press article following Wednesday's practice. Arizona will face the Bears in Week 16.

In his second NFL season, Peterson does not hesitate when asked if he's already the best cornerback in the game.

"I believe so," he said after practice on Wednesday. "I believe I'm playing at a top level right now. Week in and week out, I'm given the opposing team's No. 1 receiver and I believe I'm handling that pretty well so far."

It's an attitude instilled in him while growing up in the football-crazy state of Florida, an attitude essential at a position where the odds and the rules are stacked against you.

"I believe all the good corners have something in common, that's confidence in their ability to go out there and make plays for their team and themselves as well," he said.

Peterson credits his family's upbringing for his competitiveness, and that he really began to feel confident in his abilities once he began playing at the high school level.

The Cardinals have relied heavily on the former first-round pick this season. Peterson has seven of the team's 22 interceptions, which places him second in the NFL along with Stevie Brown of the Giants. Only Bears' cornerback Tim Jennings, who has eight interceptions, has more takeaways than Peterson.

On Thursday, the NFL announced that Jennings was voted the NFC's starter at cornerback for the 2013 Pro Bowl.