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Pro Bowl voting results 2013: No Cardinals selected; Peyton Manning tops the list

The starters for the 2013 Pro Bowl have been announced by the NFL.


After months of voting, the NFL finally closed the polls this week for the 2013 Pro Bowl. Despite beginning the year off strongly, the Cardinals have really struggled since October. That was reflected in the Pro Bowl voting, which had no Arizona Cardinals voted as starters.

There is still a chance a couple of Cardinals will make the trip to Hawaii; the fan vote makes up just one-third of the roster, and both the players and coaches will get a chance to fill their ballots. It seems that Patrick Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald would be the likely candidates to make the Pro Bowl in February.

As for the players voted starters, Peyton Manning received the most votes with 993,045 tallies. That's about 85,000 more than Tom Brady, who earned the second-most votes. The NFC's top representative was Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson.

Manning being voted a starter has to be a tough blow to Cardinals fans. It was believed that Arizona was one of the likely landing spots for the future Hall of Fame quarterback, but they were eventually skipped over in favor of the Broncos.

You can find the full list of AFC and NFC starters here.