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NFL analyst says that Cardinals should get rid of Kolb and Skelton

After experiencing yet another season of disappointing quarterback play, the Cardinals could be preparing for a big move.


When the Arizona Cardinals traded for Kevin Kolb nearly two years ago, they envisioned a young quarterback they could build around. Due to injuries, a lack of results and a little bit of bad luck, Kolb is yet to make any real impact in the desert.

As the Cardinals wrap up a disappointing 2012 campaign, it's tough not to begin looking ahead to what should be a busy offseason. There are multiple areas of the team to address, but the one position that will be given a point of emphasis will be quarterbacks.

Kolb, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley have all been unimpressive, and it seems like Arizona will look at other options outside of the organization. According to Adam Schein of, it's time for the Cardinals to go in a completely different direction.

Failing to find (a reliable quarterback) proved to be a major mistake. Kolb was slow to learn the playbook after the lockout, and he never dazzled his teammates or coaches with leadership or his play.

This group needs a purge, a cleansing. The Cards liked rookie Ryan Lindley as a developmental draft pick. And that's what he is. Kolb and John Skelton, meanwhile, will be long gone. They represent failure. The Cardinals need someone stable.

Schein also suggests the Cardinals should look at a couple of big-name options on the free agent market, including Alex Smith and Michael Vick should they be released. They would not come cheap, but there seem to be no legitimate options currently on the roster.