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Suns guard Kendall Marshall improving in D-League

Marshall has been putting up solid numbers against inferior competition the past couple of weeks.


When the Phoenix Suns selected Kendall Marshall in last summer's NBA Draft, they envisioned a point guard of the future. About six months into Marshall's professional career, he is still searching for answers at the next level.

According to this report from, the young point guard is beginning to show signs of improvement during a stint with the Suns' D-League team. Through seven games thus far, Marshall is averaging 10 points, seven assists and three rebounds per night. Here is what D-League coordinator Lindsey Hunter had to say about his progress the past couple of weeks.

"Overall, he's made some pretty good progress," Hunter said. "You can see the things that you need to work on, clearly, when you're put in pressure situations and game situations, which is the biggest reason that he's there is just to be put kind of in the pressure cooker and kind of figure out points of emphasis of what you need to work on.

Hunter also praised Marshall for making good decisions with the ball in his hands, and said he has a bright future ahead of him as long as he keeps working hard and getting after it in practice.

When Marshall rejoins Phoenix next week, he could see some playing time. The Suns are now 10-15 on the year and, unless they suddenly turn it on in the second half of the season, they'll be destined for a lottery pick yet again.