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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode Four: Defense Wins Three Games In A Row

Led by a strong defense the Phoenix Suns have won three games in a row and might have found their rhythm, pace, and style in order win games on a consistent basis. Can they maintain this?

Christian Petersen

In this edition of the podcast Jim Coughenour and I review the 3-0 week for the Phoenix Suns over the Memphis Grizzlies, Utah Jazz, and the Sacramento Kings to get back on track. The overall theme of each win was the team defense and we dive into what has been the difference as of late.

As always we preview the week ahead and the game tonight against the reeling Charlotte Bobcats.

Click here to listen: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode Four

Make sure you tune in next week as we give out Holiday gifts to the Suns and stuff the stockings of the organization with Yule Tides and this seasons basketball greetings.


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