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Kings vs. Suns final score: Double-doubles from Scola, Gortat lead Phoenix to 101-90 win

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The Suns overcame a 19 point deficit to beat the Sacramento Kings on Monday night.


The Phoenix Suns continue to keep Alvin Gentry employed by winning their third straight game. Phoenix handed the Sacramento Kings their fifth loss in a row Monday night by a score of 101-90.

Much of the Suns success came from the double-doubles posted by Marcin Gortat and Luis Scola. Gortat scored 14 points, had 13 rebounds and added in six blocked shots. Scola contributed 10 assists and 14 points. Leading scorer for the team was Shannon Brown with his 22 points. Brown hit 10 of 13 on the floor.

Coming into the game, Phoenix's primary objective was to shutdown Sacramento's DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins loves playing against the Suns. He carries his highest average points scored of 22.8 against the team. Phoenix accomplished their goal, holding Cousins to nine points. Cousins shot 1 for 10, scoring a majority of his points on the free throw line by sinking 7 of 8.

Some how the Kings were able to lose this game despite out-rebounding Phoenix 51 to 38 and converting more fast break points, 26 to 13. It probably didn't help they squandered a 19 point lead