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NBA scores: Top teams in Pacific division pulling away

The Suns have won two straight but the three teams ahead of them in the Pacific division keep on winning.


The Phoenix Suns were riding a seven game losing streak until snapping it last Wednesday. They played their only game of the weekend on Friday night, a 99-84 win over the Utah Jazz at home. Combined with the Suns losing streak has been the rest of the teams in the Pacific division riding winning streaks. The Golden State Warriors picked up a victory against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday and have now won eight of their last ten games.

The Los Angeles Clippers continued their hot streak with their ninth straight win on Saturday, this one a 111-85 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. Although the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling in the early going, they've managed to pick up two straight victorious on the road, the last one a 111-98 win over the Philadelphia 76ers yesterday.

The suns will try to make it three straight wins tonight when they welcome the only team below them in the Pacific division, the Sacramento Kings, to Phoenix.