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Newcomer Brian Hoyer has good presence in huddle, says teammate

Despite being new to the team, Hoyer has held his own with the Cardinals.


Quite a few analysts were surprised when the struggling Arizona Cardinals were able to snatch quarterback Brian Hoyer off waivers this past week. While it is unclear if Hoyer will get to see any action on the field this Sunday, all reports indicate that he has held his own in practice. And if there was any doubt, his teammates have already taken notice.

Veteran kicker Jay Feely has seen his fair share of talented quarterbacks over the years. He likes what he seen from Hoyer, and had good things to say about him in a recent article on Arizona Sports.

"He has a presence and I like his presence," Feely told Paul Calvisi and Ron Wolfley. "I go out there and run around and catch passes and when they do routes on air, I'm there watching in the huddle, and he steps right in and he's got a good presence in there. I think that probably comes from being around someone like Tom Brady."

There is no denying that Hoyer's three years behind Tom Brady had to be good for his development, and it can only mean good things moving forward as he looks to secure a starting job with the Cardinals in the closing weeks of the season. It will be interesting to see if the coaching staff gives Hoyer much of a chance in 2012, or if they force him to wait until training camp to make a true impact.