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Kevin Kolb intends on returning to Arizona Cardinals, says teammate

Kolb has really struggled the past two seasons in the desert. Could he still be the answer in 2013?

Norm Hall

When the Arizona Cardinals traded for Kevin Kolb, they envisioned finally having an answer to the many questions that surrounded the quarterback position following the retirement of Kurt Warner. That has hardly been the case, and now Kolb is spending the rest of this season on the injured reserve. That has not stopped him from planning a comeback in 2013 with the Cardinals, though.

Here is what one of Kolb's teammates, Jay Feely, had to say in a recent article about his teammate.

"I was talking to him (Thursday) about how excited he was to come back next year and what he wanted to do and what he wanted to accomplish. Obviously, you get put on IR, you start thinking about the next year and he's determined to come back and to continue to get better and build on what he did."

It is worth noting that the Cardinals were 4-0 with Kolb as their starter before getting hurt. Arizona has not won a game since then, although it's not like Kolb was blowing opponents away with his big arm when he was on the field.

Arizona will head into the 2013 season with a wide-open battle at quarterback. Kolb would likely be considered the favorite, although that could change drastically should the front office bring in a big-name option through either a trade, free agency or the draft.