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Luis Scola Gets The Start Tonight Against Memphis

Everyone stand-up, form a circle, and cue the music as we get set for another round of Starting Line-Up Musical Chairs! For the third time the team will take the floor with a new starting line-up as they try to figure things out.


Just a week ago Markieff Morris played arguably his worst game of the season against the Memphis Grizzlies in a tough overtime loss on the road. He rebounded well in the teams next game both figuratively and literally (17 rebounds) with his first double-double of the season matching his total from last season.

Part of the reason has to be the way Zach Randolph played absolutely shredding the Phoenix Suns defense in the paint scoring at will.

At shoot-around this morning Alvin Gentry revealed the change while discussing his discourse for the defense that Morris has played over the past two games. Those two games also happened to be against Randolph and Blake Griffin, arguably the best two fours in the NBA right now.

In the first six minutes of the game Randolph netted eight points against the second year forward and kept the Grizzlies in the game with his play. Then in overtime he took over again. Enter in Luis Scola who is not typically known as a defensive savant, but he traditionally gives Randolph fits when they play so the move has some logic behind it.

Scola started the first 11 games of the season before being relegated to the bench for the next 11 games to give the team a jolt.

As a starter Scola averaged 14.45 PPG and 8.09 RPG on 47.2% shooting from the field. From the bench Scola was down to 11.27 PPG and 5.63 RPG on 48.6% shooting, obviously the dip in minutes will have that effect. This line-up according to does not have any data or minutes logged together.

New Starting Line-Up

PG - Goran Dragic

SG - Shannon Brown

SF - Jared Dudley

PF - Luis Scola

C - Marcin Gortat