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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode TWO - A Week In Review, Gossip, And The Kiss Of Death

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The eternal optimists are back for a second episode where one of us was on the money about the teams last four games and the other (Jim) eats a little crow.

Christian Petersen

It has been a busy past week for the Phoenix Suns as they played four games, gave back to the fans, made another line-up change, and made National headlines for a few unfavorable reasons.

The 0-4 week was not a surprise to me, but it has taken it's toll on the team as they are clearly disjointed trying to figure this all out. As a team they are still searching for an identity to lean on and the off-season acquisitions are still taking time to mesh together. Owner Robert Sarver made headlines giving Head Coach Alvin Gentry the vote of confidence (kiss of death) through the end of the season at the same time a faux reporter decided to label Michael Beasley "toxic" under the blanket of anonymity. Both were jokes.

Where do the Suns go from here?

There are no answers here, just a link to a podcast: Phoenix Suns Podcast: Episode Two

Here is the Episode Index so far:

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