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Situation with Cardinals making Adrian Wilson think of his future

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Adrian Wilson holds the longest games-played tenure with the Arizona Cardinals. As this disappointing season comes to an end, the veteran realizes it may be his last with the team.

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No one on the current Arizona Cardinals roster has played more games for the franchise than Adrian Wilson. The strong safety is in his 12th season in the NFL and likely his last with the Cardinals. As the team continues to struggle, Wilson's contribution has lessened, leading him to contemplate his future.

Wilson acknowledges the team's struggle has left him with doubt as to if he even wants to play football anymore, even though he knows he still has the ability to play.

No matter what his future with the Cardinals holds, he is not going to give up on his team and teammates. Even though his playing time has been declining, he continues to be the leader he knows he needs to be to his teammates.

"I think guys still look up to me and look up to the way that I work," he said. "I'm not a hard guy to read. I wear my emotions on my sleeves, and I try my best to just go out and practice hard ... "