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Phoenix Suns not going to make coaching change yet

After Sunday's loss to the Orlando Magic (8-12), the Phoenix Suns extended their losing streak to seven games and have dropped to 7-15 on the season. In some cities, this would lead to a pink slip for the coach. This isn't the case in Phoenix, yet.

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The last time the Phoenix Suns won a game, it was Nov. 27 against the now 3-11 Cleveland Cavaliers. Since then, the Suns have played seven games and lost each of them. If the Lakers fired Mike Brown after a handful of games, the future of Phoenix head coach Alvin Gentry would seemingly be in doubt; however, ESPN's Chris Broussard tweets the Suns aren't in a rush to shake things up on the bench.

Ownership realizes the team is in a state of flux and, when making massive changes, the situation will probably get worse before it gets better. This, for now, is saving Gentry's job.

The organization began its restructure in the offseason by parting ways with Steve Nash. The departure of the aging veteran led to more responsibility for 2008 draft pick Michael Beasley.

Beasley has disappointed and there are reports of the player being a "toxic" force in the locker room. It's likely that Beasley will be dealt before Gentry is shown the door.