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Loss to Seahawks is worst in Arizona Cardinals history

The Arizona Cardinals loss on Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks is the worst loss in the history of the franchise.

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The Arizona Cardinals suffered their worst loss in franchise history on Sunday, losing on the road to the Seattle Seahawks 58-0.

A game this one-sided is rare in the NFL and provides plenty of statistical oddities. Arizona turned the ball over eight times en route to their ninth straight loss. The Cardinals only had two more first downs than turnovers, and Seattle out-gained Arizona 493-195.

The Seahawks win gave them their largest victory in team history. The previous largest victory came in 1984, when Seattle defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 45-0. Arizona had not been shutout since 2003, when Seattle defeated them 38-0.

The 58-point loss is the largest by margin of victory in Arizona franchise history. Their previous largest defeat came against the Chiefs in 2002, when Arizona lost 49-0. The Cardinals have now suffered 10 losses of 40-plus points in franchise history, most recently in 2008. The Cardinals lost to the New England Patriots 47-7, although that Cardinals team had already cliched the division and would go on to play in the Super Bowl.

This Cardinals team has not won a game since September.