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Injured QB Kevin Kolb beginning football activities

After having his ribs separated against the Bills three weeks ago, Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb beings to throw the ball around in practice

Kevin Kolb has stretched out his arm in practice
Kevin Kolb has stretched out his arm in practice
Christian Petersen

Rib injuries are slow going. After having multiple ribs separated from his sternum in a game three weeks ago against the Bills, Kevin Kolb is working his way back onto the field. According to, Kolb has resumed football activities in his first step toward returning to action. But this is the first step of many, and the young quarterback is trying to be patient with the early returns.

"I'm making some throws. I'm throwing up to about 20 yards; I try to just keep my arm loose every day. Running has gotten a lot better but if I tork or turn, it's just not there," said the former second-round pick. "I'm starting to try and get back in the weight room a little bit so that there's not quite as steep a hill to climb when I get back."

Kolb is in his second season with the Cardinals, having been traded from the Eagles in 2011 for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2012 second-round pick. The former Houston Cougar started nine games in 2011, missing the rest due to a concussion. After losing the starting job in preseason, Kolb led the Cardinals to a comeback victory in Week 1 after being subbed in for John Skelton. He remained the starter until the injury against the Bills, and will presumably take back the job when fully healthy.