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New era of Diamondbacks baseball begins with new broadcasting team

The Arizona Diamondbacks' two new broadcasters, Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly met with the press on Monday to discuss their visions of providing Diamondbacks fans with entertaining games for years to come.

Christian Petersen

It's not often you find a team that was seemingly destined to work with one another.

But at the press conference of Steve Berthiaume, the Diamondbacks' new play-by-play television analyst, and Bob Brenly, his color commentator and partner in crime, it became apparent fairly quick that these two share a special connection. And they are hoping to share that connection with D-Backs fans as they embark on a new journey with Diamondbacks baseball.

For Bob Brenly, this is a return to a place he is very familiar with, both as an analyst and a manager with the organization. Brenly previously led the Diamondbacks to their first World Series pennant in 2001 before moving on to the Cubs as their color commentator for television broadcasts. At the age of 58, Brenly is now looking to wind down his career back where it all started.

"This has always felt like home," Brenly said. "We raised the kids here, they went to school here. We've had the same home since 1997. We were here when it all got started. It wasn't pretty initially, but we were also here when it got really fun.

"At this stage in our lives, I think we're (he and his wife, Joan) in union that this is where we want to be... Everything said, this was the place to be."

As for Bethiaume's lack of history with the play-by-play side of things (he comes from ESPN's studio show, Baseball Tonight), there shouldn't be much to worry about. His knowledge of the game of baseball will serve him well in the booth, allowing him to provide fans with key insight, statistics and an overall sense of excitement.

"This was a transition that I was very anxious to make in my career and I was never going to be first on anyone's list because of my studio background. But I can guarantee you the Diamondbacks were first on my list," Berthiaume said. "It clicked right away. It became apparent that we were all on the same page and that we shared similar ideas and philosophies and most of all, an enthusiasm for baseball. It just felt right immediately and I'm just thrilled to be here."

Most of all, Berthiaume and Brenly wanted to emphasize that their job is to be a conduit for the Arizona Diamondbacks fans. Their job is to relay information, good or bad, to the fan by giving them "options" and letting them decide what the best course of action a manager or player should take in the midst of a game.

"I think there's a very relaxed rhythm to the game of baseball and the harder you try to force it and make it interesting, the worse it's going to sound," Brenly said. "I like to just kind of let the game come to us and be very relaxed like you're sitting on somebody's couch at home.

"I think every game takes on it's own personality and I like to let the game just dictate to me what we should talk about."

The one constant theme between the two of them is that they are here to appeal to the fans. Whether it is tweeting Steve during the game at his Twitter handle, @BertDbacks, or simply having a one-sided, informative conversation with them, it is the people watching the broadcasts that really count.

"I want it to be a very inclusive broadcast," Berthiaume said. "I want it to be a shared experience with the fan. I want the fan to understand that I'm here, doing this job, because I love baseball and I'm part of the Diamondbacks organization. And we are going to watch the games together. And we're going to watch what happens together. And we're going to enjoy it together. That's my only priority at this point."