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Arizona State's Todd Graham not ready to give up

Arizona State head coach Todd Graham knows what his team is capable of. He just needs everyone in Sun Devils nation to be patient enough to see it.

Shake my hand ... SIKE!
Shake my hand ... SIKE!
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Three-game losing streak be damned. Arizona State head coach Todd Graham hasn't lined up the fat lady to serenade his team as it closes the book on this season. He knows what his team has accomplished so far and what they can do to overcome adversity. All he's asking for is three more games until evaluating whether it's time to call the fat lady's manager.

ASU fans feel like they've heard this song before. The team explodes out the gate and then slows to a crawl the deeper the season goes.

Graham begs to differ that this squad is anything like those of Arizona State's past. He credits the increased discipline as being one of the main factors of improvement. By becoming more disciplined, ASU has gone from the most penalized team to the least penalized. The defense is ranked in the top 25 in the nation, a huge difference from previous squads.

All Coach Graham wants is three more games to prove he's right.