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Phoenix Suns Outclassed Behind Self Destruction And The Whistle

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When you lose by 40-points there are no positives. There is nothing good to speak to. You just throw your hands in the air, trash the tape, and move onto the next one.

Christian Petersen

Earlier this fall a local team got out to a hot, unfathomable start winning games in a manner and fashion that cannot be done with consistency. The amazing 4-0 start was immediately followed by unapproachable expectations for a team that was winning in an unexplainable fashion.

That four game start was immediately followed by a seven game losing streak where, frankly, the Arizona Cardinals were who we thought they were. Relying 100% on one side of the ball does not bode well for winning games in any league.

Jump over a sport and you have the Phoenix Suns, another team winning in an inconceivable way is now now 7-9 after dropping a winnable game to the Detroit Pistons. For them it is melting down early to realize how not to play, only to rise late for illogical come-from-behind victories behind their bench and frenetic play.

Both styles are not sustainable over the course of a season and because of that sometimes you lose 117-77 on the road to the Pistons.

Along the course of an 82-game season nearly every team loses one of these types of games. Would it have been nice to see some heart and not get trounced by 40 points? Of course, but these games will happen.

There was literally nothing to take from this game. No film, no performances, and especially no positives to make the glass seem even one quarter full. Only Markieff Morris (11 points), Luis Scola (11), and Goran Dragic (10) scored in double-figures. It got so bad that Kendall Marshall not only got in the game, but played 16 minutes and netted his first buckets of the season finishing with 7 points.

Two things came out of this game if you watched it closely.

First, it was a not so subtle shot to the face that you cannot rely on comebacks for victories in this league on a consistent basis. Even the (then) four win Pistons have a great game in them, especially at home. This is something that Head Coach Alvin Gentry has preached all season and the reason he jolted the rotations last week.

Through 16-games the Suns have dug 10+ point deficits in all but three games, all of which ended in victories and smiles. To be a "good comeback team" you need to win the games you are down in and right now the Suns are 4-9 in those affairs. Probably one of the better teams in that category across the league, but being really good at comeback wins is like being really good at begging your girlfriend not to leave you. In the end she is going to leave you and you are just putting Band-aids on the wound. Those four wins are just that, Band-aids.

Now the next thing is not really the Suns fault or the Pistons fault, but this was easily one of the poorest officiated games I have seen in a long time, maybe ever.

There were a total of five techincal fouls called, one was a double technical between Morris and Jason Maxiell, meaning the Suns ate a season high four T's. When referees exercise their ability to call a technical, or a flagerant, or toss someone out of the game it is generally to maintain order. None of these did that. Instead they destroyed the flow of the game for the Suns in the third quarter and became their unraveling.

The referees did not beat the Suns, the Suns beat the Suns and the Pistons added an exclamation point to it giving the visiting team something to think about on their off day. If this was anything but a 40-point blowout Coach Gentry might have had some words to say about the refs.

It is the Suns fault they lost. They created a false sense of ability in rallying after not doing the dishes one too many times or not listening when she talks. You can only beg and plead so many times before the answer is definative no -- you cannot comeback from this one. When you lose by 40-points there are no positives