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Bobby Massie's new focus cause for recent improvement

After a disappointing start to his rookie year, Cardinals starting offensive tackle Bobby Massie has show improvement in the last few weeks.


At 4-7 overall, it's been a tough season for the Arizona Cardinals, and it's been especially tough for rookie offensive tackle Bobby Massie. The former Ole Miss star allowed just three sacks his entire college career, but he gave up 13 through his first eight games as a pro in 2012.

But for Massie, things have improved lately, and it has come courtesy of extra time spent with offensive line coach Russ Grimm, as well as improved study habits in the film room.

Here are some of Massie's thoughts on his play, with the quotes coming via

"I had to practice like I was playing in a game. I used that approach out there every day during the week and it all fell together on Sunday," Massie said.

And to his credit, Massie's play has gotten better the last two weeks.

After allowing 13 sacks in Week's 3-8, Massie has not allowed a single one in the Cardinals' last three games. That's no small feat, considering the rookie offensive tackle has been involved in the fourth-most passing plays of anyone in the league, according to Pro Football Focus.

Massie will try and continue his improved play when the Cardinals visit the struggling New York Jets this Sunday.