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Arizona State QB Taylor Kelly evolved into a leader

With a full season under his belt, ASU quarterback Taylor Kelly now knows what it is to be a leader in a locker room.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Coming into camp, Arizona State's redshirt sophomore Taylor Kelly knew he would have to compete with redshirt freshman Michael Eubank for the starting quarterback position. Eubank made a strong push to earn the job, but in the end, it went to Kelly. Having completed his final regular season game, a win against in-state rival Arizona, Kelly remarked how he felt he'd developed into a leadership role by the end of the season.

As this year's class of seniors graduates, the QB knows he needs to fill their void. To earn the trust and respect of teammates, he wants them all to know how much he believes in what they can do. Just the thought of taking on such a role has left Kelly 'excited' for the next season.

In his first year as a starter, Kelly played in all 12 games. He completed 2,772 yards for 25 touchdowns with only nine interceptions and was sacked 30 times. After starting the season hot at 5-1, the Sun Devils went on a four game losing streak and finished the season with a 7-5 record.