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Ken Whisenhunt talks about challenge flag penalties

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Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt said he knew about the illegal challenge rule which cost the Detroit Lions on Thursday.

Dilip Vishwanat

After Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz was penalized for illegally challenging a play, the rule which cost Schwartz and the Lions has come under plenty of scrutiny. While fans and media members have said they didn't know the rule existed, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt said he was well aware of the rule.

"Absolutely. I didn't know he had thrown it, but they warn you every game and make a point of telling you before the game on turnovers and on scoring plays you can't throw the flag," Whisenhunt said.

As for the rule itself, Whisenhunt declined to comment on whether he agreed with it. Instead, he said that is the rule and everyone has to live by it. Whisenhunt, who is on the competition committee, said he is sure the committee will discuss a possible change in the offseason. He did, however, reiterate the fact the officials put a heavy emphasis on reminding coaches of the rule and to not throw the challenge flag in that instance.

In addition to Schwartz, Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith was also penalized for a similar violation earlier this season.