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Suns Knock Off The Hornets Behind A Pair Career-Highs

This game paralleled eerily similar to the Phoenix Suns only other overtime game of the season almost down to a T. Just like nine days ago, they got behind by massive margin, and then had to fight and claw back into the game.

So basically the Suns had them right where they wanted them.

"We got behind again, which I wish we could avoid doing, but we have a tendency when we do to tighten up our defense and do a good job. We went from being down 19 to being up 11 so that is a pretty good swing. We couldn't quite close it out. We had a couple of great looks that we could have gotten in that would have extended the lead, but you have to give them credit the way they just hung in there."

As much as Coach Gentry does not want this to be a trend, it is becoming the identity of the team. The second unit just plays with more intensity than the starter because that is what those guys do best.

What he is he going to do, have the bench start for the first five minutes and then run the starters out there?

In this type of game performances need to come from unexpected places, which is exactly what the team got from Markieff Morris, P.J. Tucker, and Jermaine O'Neal. They actually got career nights from Morris and Tucker and a turn-back-the-clock night from O'Neal.

Morris finished with a career high 23 points as he iced the game down from the free-throw line in overtime giving satisfaction to a very strong night.

"My confidence is on another level. I'm playing hard and I feel like my defense is bringing my offense," said Morris. "I just got in the gym. I told you back then when I was missing they would start falling and they are falling now."

That was complimented by an offensive out-burst, another career-high, and an overall great performance from Tucker with 15 points. Those 15 points came in a variety of ways as Tucker nailed two straight threes, got to the free-throw line and is relishing being played off of on the offensive end.

"I love it," exclaimed Tucker after the game. "Cheat off and I am going to shoot it and knock it down. Whatever happens happens, like I said I just play hard."

O'Neal didn't have a career night, he is a former All-Star, but as one Suns employee said after the game, "career high for Morris, Tucker, and the most points from O'Neal in a really, really long time."

Two reserves and a former reserve led the way in a major win before the team hits the road for the next 11 days. Don't call it a win streak, but the Suns have won two in a row.