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Ray Horton, LaRod Stephens-Howling have stock rising

Despite dropping six-straight games, some Arizona Cardinals have their stock rising.

Christian Petersen

It's not all bad for the Cardinals. Yes, Arizona has lost six games in a row and sit at 1-2 against the NFC West, but ESPN's Mike Sando has found some silver lining.

Running back LaRod Stephens-Howling and defensive coordinator Ray Horton were both listed in Sando's stock watch as NFC Westers whose stock is rising.

On Horton:

Quite a few defensive players deserve credit for a stunning performance on the road against a potentially formidable offense. Horton comes away the big winner, however. His credentials continue to grow as the Cardinals' defense does what it can to keep most games close in the absence of sufficient support from the offense. The five picks were a career high for Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Horton's defense previously held Aaron Rodgers beneath 50 percent completions, forcing Green Bay to make borderline spectacular plays to get its points. Arizona also held Tom Brady to 18 points, which remains a season low for Brady and the Patriots.

On Stephens-Howling:

Stephens-Howling set a career high with 127 yards rushing against the Falcons. He had runs of 52 and 40 yards. This was Stephens-Howling's second 100-yard game of the season. He has done his part behind a shaky offensive line and in the absence of quality quarterback play. He's not built to get so many carries, but Stephens-Howling has often made the most of them in the absence of Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams.

When you're 4-6 it can be hard to see bright spots, but the Cardinals definitely can at least take satisfaction in the fact people are noticing the progress being made in Arizona.