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Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald unconcerned with reduced production

Larry Fitzgerald hasn't put up big receiving stats recently, but he said he isn't worried about his production.

Christian Petersen

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is coming off back-to-back less than stellar games, but he said he isn't worried about his recent lack of production.

After averaging 71.7 receiving yards per game during the first six games of the season, Fitzgerald has just 81 total yards over Arizona's last two games. While he hasn't put up big numbers over the last two weeks, Fitzgerald's production over the entire season has also been down from recent years.

Fitzgerald is on pace for 1,022 receiving yards this season, a steep decline from the 1,411 receiving yards he racked up last season. He said opposing defenses are defending him any differently than they did last season and despite the decline in production, he isn't worried.

"I know what I am and who I am," Fitzgerald said, according to Arizona "That's not going to change based on week-to-week numbers wise. My focus is more on getting it going as a whole."

He also said it's a long season and he knows the big plays and production will come. Fitzgerald will look to get on track this week when the Cardinals face the Green Bay Packers.