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NBA power rankings 2012: Suns move up one spot

Despite losses in four of their last five, the Suns improved a spot in this week's NBA power rankings.

Christian Petersen

The Phoenix Suns checked in at 24th last week in our SB Nation NBA power rankings. Even though they've lost three of their last four and only picked up a win over the Denver Nuggets, Seth Rosenthal moved them up a spot to 23rd in the NBA.

To be fair to the Suns, their three recent losses have all been against some of the NBA's best teams in the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. As Rosenthal notes though, the starting line-up seems to have a bit of an issue they hope the team's second unit can clean up once they come on the floor.

The Suns' starters have made a habit of digging the team into a big ol' deficit, shrugging, and hoping the second unit has a ladder. Alvin Gentry's next best move is to scramble his lineups – the first unit really needs some defense – and see if that phenomenon dissipates a bit.

The Suns may not be without some drama off the court this week as center Marcin Gortat recently lashed out at head coach Alvin Gentry to the Polish media. The Suns will try to get out of a funk against the Portland Trail Blazers this Wednesday when they resume play at home.