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Falcons usually winners against the spread, Michael Vick a Cardinal in 2013?

Fun facts to think about including what teams you should pick against the spread and the chances Michael Vick is donning Cardinal Red next season.

Rich Schultz

Whether you like to bet or not, it is always somewhat entertaining to look at how the spreads are laid out each week before the NFL games and see if you are tempted enough to lay some money down. It's also fun to see what people think will happen in the far future, such as next season. recently released some of their new prop bets for some of the upcoming games and even stats for next season. In it, they have some key notes as to how the Falcons play coming out of their bye week (the Cardinals' opponent this week) and who Michael Vick will play for in 2013.

RJ Bell claims that there is a 14% chance Vick will actually be a member of the Arizona Cardinals next season. That is second only to the Buffalo Bills, who hold a 21% chance. Bell also claims that there is an 18% chance Vick will not play at all, likely due to the amount of pain that is inflicted on him while playing QB. His chances to play for the Eagles? Just 12%.

Personally, I don't see Vick coming here. He is too injury prone and the Cardinals already have a former Eagles quarterback that is the same way. While his mobility would certainly help to make up for some of the inefficiencies of the offensive line, I doubt he would sign here if cut and the Cards will not trade for him and his huge contract.

On top of the Vick prop bet, Bell states that the Atlanta Falcons are 18-3 against the spread after losing a game. Such is the case as they host the Cardinals tomorrow in the Georgia Dome. Falcons QB Matt Ryan is also 30-4 all time when playing at home. Also, Falcons coach Mike Smith is 31-15 against the spread when seen as the favorite.

It's not looking good for the Cardinals, but hey, at least they have a chance at getting Vick next season.