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Arizona vs. Utah: Wildcats set to battle elements in Salt Lake City

For the first time this season, the weather will play a big factor in Arizona's game. Will the cold temperatures slow down their high-flying offensive attack?

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

If taking on a hungry Utah Utes team wasn't enough of a challenge, the Arizona Wildcats will have to go up against an unfamiliar foe this Saturday night in Salt Lake City: bad weather.

The forecast projects temperatures in the mid-to-high 40s throughout the game and there will be a considerable breeze. The temperatures haven't dipped below 60 for any of Arizona's games this season, which could bring an interesting dynamic to Rich Rodriguez's high-flying offense. There is also a decent chance of showers throughout the night. Does the coaching staff make changes, or does the weather slow down UA?

As for Arizona's SB Nation blog, AZ Desert Swarm, they don't think the weather will have much of an affect on the 'Cats. When making their weekly predictions for the Pac-12, AZ Desert Swarm thinks UA picks up their first road win of the season despite the bad conditions.

Arizona vs Utah WINNER Arizona 35-21

I know we have injury concerns, and Utah has been difficult at home, but we are still the better team. On a side note, I said at the beginning if we finished 6-6 it would be a good year. No matter what happens its a good year to me.

Kickoff from Salt Lake City is set for 8 p.m. MT this evening.