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Suns Vs. Bulls: Goran Dragic remembers Derrick Rose dunk

Derrick Rose won't be playing against the Suns on Wednesday, but Suns point guard remembers when he was posterized.

When the Phoenix Suns took on the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night in Phoenix, they did so without having to worry about the injured former MVP Derrick Rose, who will be out, as he still is recovering from knee surgery.

A couple of years ago, Goran Dragic became the recipient of a memorable dunk from Rose.

Head coach Alvin Gentry tells us that Dragic still remembers it. "'They still play it on TV, Coach,'" Gentry told the media that Dragic has said to him. "When are they going to take it off?" Gentry simply said that they're going to play it for a while.

Gentry was quick to point out that Dragic is not the same kid he was two seasons ago. "He's a pretty confident kid," he described his point guard now.

Confident or not, he won't have to worry about a Rose dunk like then.

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