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NFL Week 10, Monday night pick against the spread: Chiefs won't win, but spread is beatable

The lowly Kansas City Chiefs come into Pittsburgh hoping to keep it close on Monday night.

Peter Aiken

Being a 13-1/2 point underdog on the road means oddsmakers aren't giving the Kansas City Chiefs a chance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and there probably aren't many others who would do so, either. The 1-7 Chiefs face the 5-3 Steelers at Heinz Field Monday night in a game that doesn't look too appealing based on the matchup.

Thank the Chiefs for that. They haven't held a lead in regulation time all season. Their quarterbacks this season, Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn, have thrown six touchdown passes and 14 interceptions.

The Steelers? They have a 14-game winning streak at home on Monday night, and the average win is by more than two touchdowns. But the Steelers score only about 24 points a game this season, and on what could be a very rainy night in the Steel City with a lot of rush offense, the Chiefs should have a good shot to beat the spread.

Look for low scoring, defense-dominated football with the Steelers sharing the load at running back. The Chiefs don't defend the run very well, but their pride should kick in one of these nights and they'll show some fight.

Maybe if the Chiefs can cut down on the mistakes -- Cassel isn't just pick-prone, he fumbles, too -- they can keep the game respectable. But either way they're still staring at 1-8.